Week Four: Oodles o’ Noodles

Pretty soon I will run out of stupid names for the title of these weeks, oh well. Pasta was fun, rissoto was fun to make, well nothing is fun about standing over a pot for half an hour, but it was simple and therefor enjoyable. The homemade pasta was certainly the best, the sauce was quite good, I will probably steal the recipe and tweak it to my own wishes. I actually found that making the pasta by hand was much easier than using a food processor. This is probably just because I hate washing dishes when I could get a little dirty and in the end of it, have simple cleaning to do. The rissoto cakes were better than the actual rissoto dish in my opinion, but I have a soft spot for patty style foods. The one thing I disliked was the barley, it was just boring, but it isn’t like much was done to it so I can’t really label the ingredient as a bland food.

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